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Challenges of Caring for Ill Family Members

People might wonder- “what are the challenges for people caring for ill family members?”. There is an abundance of issues that arise. Least of all, people wonder how they are going to survive the experience. It can be draining in a plethora of different aspects.

Financial Support


Those who care for ill family members might not get the support that they need financially. They might have been denied medical benefits or been in a job before where they didn’t contribute to the insurance system directly, such as being a homemaker. That means that they are giving up their income to care for family members to some degree. They might be caring full or part time, but they will lose the money that would be coming in from a job in the time that they are caring.



Push-back from the Patient

Also, the person might face extreme animosity from the family member who is ill. The patient might have had a position of power over the individual before, such as a parent or a grandparent. Therefore, the person who is ill might feel like they get to call the shots. This can pose stress on the caretaker, who might need to get outside parties to step in to tell the patient that they cannot do activities they once did before, such as drive. The family member might not want to listen to these outside people.


Emotionally Challengingemotional challenge

It can be emotionally difficult for a family member who is caring for someone else who is ill. That person does not want to watch a loved one go through pain. They might start to feel guilty that the patient is going through so much. They might be tempted to over accommodate and in doing so, they will isolate themselves from the outside world. That means the caregiver is not getting the support that they need to do their job properly.

It can be hard to a person when they are the only one caregiver and never get a break from that person. The health provider needs to reach out to medical resources in the community, so they get the break they require. It is important for them to insist that other people take over for a few hours. Even if they are the only person who can care for the patient, they need to make phone calls when the patient sleeps to find outlets, groups, and medical professionals who can help.

Find a Support Network


Caring is not a solitary activity. There is no way that one person can do it all without severely burning out. Carers that look after family members must remember that there is a community out there that is waiting to help them on their journey.

Some agencies offer home care, whether it be full nursing staff or bed side sitters. Alberta, Canada offers a broad range of services.