About Me



My name is Annie and I have been a health care worker for six years.

I started out working in a hospital, but soon realized that my calling was helping sick people in their homes.  There is a huge need for health workers, especially as the baby boomers get older.  People want to stay in their homes, they don’t want to go into nursing homes or stuffy institutions.

Working with people who may be extremely ill or even dying can take a toll on the health professional.  It is easy to get attached to patients.  The best scenario is to help someone who improves and ultimately can return to their routines and life.  There are many cases, for example those in hospice who will ultimately die.

So what help is there for the caregiver?   Home care workers need to have resources where they can get mental help or just have someone to bounce ideas.

I have noticed that family members who are drafted to be caregivers have a particularly difficult time adjusting.  They are not trained in the emotional aspect of being around the sick for 24 hours a day.  They are close to the family member, so it is difficult to gain perspective.

Alberta, Canada is very lucky to have support for those who are helping others.  This blog is dedicated to the individuals who are helping patients.

If you have any questions please contact me.