How can exercise help with stress and caring for patients?

Caregivers might wonder how getting exercise can help with stress and care for patients. Well, caregivers are among a group of individuals who commonly neglect themselves. They are under lots of pressure to help out patients, and their health can go to the wayside.

Being Overweight

First and foremost, being overweight can impact a person’s health. When looking for standards, most General Practitioners still look to the Body Mass Index (BMI) charts to establish the baseline. The numbers for this stipulate that a BMI that is between 18.5 to 25.0 is in the normal range. The healthy range is where every individual, regardless of age, strive to stay. This, of course, can be accomplished through weight loss plans that include the two most important elements of healthy diet and exercise.

One of the best weight loss programs is one created by Steve Holman, The Old School New Body Plan. The plan showcases a healthy way to exercise without spending hours and hours at the gym. The program also has an excellent guide to eating healthy.

People might not believe that being overweight is a problem when doing something good in the world. But this category increases the risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. This is the last thing that a caregiver needs to worry about when they are caring for their patients.


One thing that people don’t realize about exercise is that doing it consistently will decrease a person’s appetite. The body will reach a homeostasis where the person is not craving carbs to get that serotonin and dopamine boost. The exercise will provide these neurotransmitters in the brain instead, and the release of these will last even longer for a person than a sugar fix does. Individuals who are habitually working out will have less depression or stress related cravings for food. It will simply be because they are more immune to those lows that they had before without exercise.

Another thing that exercise does is to help regulate a person’s sleep cycle. People should not work out a couple of hours before going to bed because the exercise will energize them. It does so by releasing nor adrenaline, a commonly targeted neuro chemical in many stimulants and wakefulness inducing anti depressants such as Wellbutrin and Effexor. So people who exercise early in the morning will have these chemicals activated to keep them alert while caring for their patients. Even those who work out before a shift will find that they do not feel sleepy when they are supposed to be working.

Keeping fit for the Patient

keeping fit

So if one wonders “how can exercise help with stress and care for patients?” Then the person just needs to look at the insurmountable evidence weighing in favor of an exercise plan (no pun intended). Unhealthy people do not make the best caregivers because of the imminent danger that they will soon be needing medical care.

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