COMPASS for the Caregiver

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For an information sheet on the workshop- including a summary breakdown of each module, please click COMPASS for the Caregiver – Overview of Modules.

The 9 module COMPASS workshop encourages caregivers to recognize that in order to care for a loved one, they must first care for themselves. Participants find their strength and accept their limitations as together they tackle some of the most challenging aspects of caregiving: the difficult emotions like guilt and resentment, dealing with family, friend and health professionals that just don’t understand, managing stress and depression, and finding time for themselves.

Watch the new video about ACGA’s COMPASS Program.

Here is what some past participants have said about COMPASS:

“This course is the best thing that has happened to me in years.”

“I felt safe to discuss my issues without being ‘judged’ or ‘fixed’. ”

“Being able to share with other caregivers my problems and frustrations was the most meaningful part of the COMPASS program, especially because [now I know] that there are others that are having the same problems.”

“I feel so much more capable of handling the unexpected.”

” It has helped me shift providing care from the category of ‘who I am’ back to ‘one of the things I do’.”


Find Upcoming Workshops

All COMPASS participants must register prior to the start of the workshop. Registration for most workshops is done through the host agency.

Registration for  workshops can be done over the phone by calling 780-453-5088, or in person at the Alberta Caregivers Association office.

Hosting a COMPASS Workshop

The ACGA is happy to partner with agencies throughout Alberta in order to make its programs as accessible as possible to caregivers. Partner agencies include various Family and Community Support Services branches, seniors centres, public libraries, and other community organizations. We will also provide training to past or current caregivers who are interested in becoming a COMPASS Facilitator. COMPASS Facilitators are responsible for creating a welcoming environment where all caregivers feel safe and supported.