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Health Programs for the Ill in Alberta, Canada

It can be difficult to navigate the resources that are available for sick people in Alberta. Thankfully, Alberta Health Services has a strong background in providing support to those in medical need. There are some great programs that caregivers can check out for their patients and loved ones who are in need of support due to illness. This list is not comprehensive, but the following does cover many of the programs available:

Early Psychosis Clinic

Depending on the area of Alberta, the contact details for each group are a little bit different. However, Alberta has been on the forefront of providing this collection of social workers, occupational therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists to patients after they have a psychotic episode before the age of 30.

When a caregiver is helping someone who has had a psychosis, the person should be aware that this individual’s life is upside down. The doctors are still trying to find the cause of this psychosis, even after inpatient hospitalization. The person will be unable to care for themselves until the patient is on the right balance of medication. This can take years of support, so young people need help for a variety of professionals to get back on track.

Geriatric Nurses

This specialized branch of nursing helps seniors in the later stages of their life. These nurses can be called up at the hospital and mobilized to go into older adults’ homes. They will help the caregiver with making the home safe for the new needs of the senior, which can be mobility issues or cognitive decline. They will also advise regarding when it is time to transition the older adult into a nursing home. Sometimes a senior will have Alzheimer’s or a serious illness that needs constant monitoring. If the caregiver cannot provide this, then these nurses will help find more viable long term solutions.

Alberta Hospital

Alberta Hospital is a full-service psychiatric hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. There are so many other great psych units in Alberta, but Alberta Hospital is unique in that it only deals with psychiatric patients. If a person who is ill starts exhibiting symptoms of mental illness, then their caregiver might need to work in conjunction with a doctor to get a referral to Alberta Hospital. This hospital is also a perfect place to call up and ask for resources regarding mental health in one’s community. As an alternative, any ER is a place to take a patient who needs help immediately. The hospitals can and will accommodate the mentally ill in their treatment.

Alberta Healthy Living Program

Even healthy people can attend these classes, so it is something that caregivers and ill patients can participate in together. These classes also help to accommodate several language groups, so those caring for immigrants might find that these services can help their patients.

The educational groups offer a variety of topics. They are free six-week workshops. There are exercise groups that a person can attend. Also, free nutritional counseling appointments can be scheduled.