What are services available for caregivers in Canada?

Caregivers need to have supports too. They may wonder- “what are services available for caregivers in Canada?”. Caregivers may not have time to research options. Many support options are depending on the person’s needs.

Employment Insurance Compassionate Care Benefits

Sometimes caregivers are put in the situation when a family member becomes gravely ill. In Canada, if a person needs to take time off of work to become a caregiver, there are employment insurance compassionate care benefits. The benefits can cover a person for up to six months. Also, there are employment insurance special benefits for parents of critically ill children for those parents that need to care for a gravely ill child. These can last for up to 35 weeks. The government of Canada offers theseĀ  benefits, so visit their website for more information.

Child Disability Benefit

The Child Disability Benefit is for parents who are caregivers for their children who are under 18. The government of Canada helps these families when the child has been certified to have a severe and prolonged disability by a medical professional.



Employer’s Health Care Plan

Also, for caregivers that are worried about their health benefits, their employer’s health care plan may cover them. This benefit depends on a person’s relationship with the company. Sometimes these jobs can also provide the advantage of giving the caregiver flexibility regarding when they come to work. This flexibility can allow the caregiver to go to the doctor at times that are mutually convenient. The employer might also offer Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This program helps the person to overcome their issues that might impede their performance at work.

The patient might have worked at a place previously that can provide them with a pension or other benefits. These funds can then be used by the patient to help them to support items that make it easier to care for the caregiver, or just give a basic salary. When the patient is not stressed out by financial issues, this will make the caregiver’s job a lot easier.

Canadian Caregivers Services Inc.

If the caregiver wants to go through an agency for greater benefits and support, the Canadian Caregivers Services Inc. can help to connect caregivers with new opportunities at home and overseas. Their website also provides a lot of information for caregivers as well as for families. It can often help caregivers to be a part of one of these organizations so that they know their rights as a caregiver. This group links to a larger network, the Association of Caregiver & Nanny Agencies in Canada.

Aging Parents Canada


Aging Parents Canada is a comprehensive website that helps caregivers to navigate the murky waters of caring for aging parents. The URL is http://agingparentscanada.ca/resource/government-assistance-for-caregivers/.



In Summary

Caregivers can feel like they are alone in the world and shut out from benefits that other Canadian workers have. There are many changes at the governmental level that give caregivers unique advantages. It is important for caregivers to know of these services and benefit from what they have to offer.

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